About Us

Welcome to the Yorktown Triathlon Club. We are a USAT sanctioned club whose goal is to support, mentor, and bring together endurance athletes of all ages and abilities in a friendly environment where all can learn, teach, train, race and socialize together. Whether you’re just getting involved in endurance sports or you’ve been doing it for years, everyone is welcome.

Although triathlon is an individual sport, we believe every athlete can benefit from the shared experience and support this club provides. The club can be there for you, either by helping organize group rides, swims, and runs, providing training partners, cheering for you on the course, or scheduling opportunities to learn new skills through Clinics.




The Yorktown Triathlon Club is celebrating an anniversary. For the occasion, Craig Hanson recapped the activity of our group in our inaugural year in the Club history below. We invite anyone who has not yet joined officially to take the plunge-Membership forms are on the website as well as below (reduced to $25 this year). With input and assistance from the many talented people who form this club, much more can be expected in 2017. Join! Volunteer! Be involved!

2016 YTC History