Glenn Young, President

Back in the late eighties, when Duathlon, was known as Biathlon, I was approached by a couple brothers looking for sponsors for a run, bike, run event. Being in the hotel/Restaurant business, I was asked by Mike and Joe Morris  to set up a table offering bananas, water and bagels for the athletes. . Seeing an opportunity to gain some local marketing exposure I agreed. The next morning perhaps a tad hung over and cigarettes in tow, I set up my table near the finishing line. I proceeded to watch Old people, Young people. Underweight people and Overweight people all finish the course consisting of a 2 mile run, 12 mile bike and 2 mile run. I was stunned. I told myself, I can do that. The next day I went out and pretty much ran 3 miles, choking all the way.  Since that day in 1989, I have completed likely over 200 events to Include:

10 Marathons

20 or so half marathons

3 Ironman’s

20 or so Half Ironman’s

A couple 30K’s and  50K’s

Countless 5K, 10K’s, 15K’s

Countless Sprints and Olympic distance races

Too many open water swim races to remember

I am forever grateful for Mike and Joe, for over the course of 8 years,  provided the support and training patience to convert me into an endurance athlete. As I have slowed, from age induced slowness, in my running, I fondly remember the brothers and have committed to be an enabler and supportive to anyone wishing to become an endurance athlete.

When I am not training for Endurance events, I am spending time with my Wife Monique, 2 Horses, a couple German Shepherds and a few Barn Cats

See you in the Water!


Jessica Small, Vice President & Membership Coordinator

Jessica had been an avid runner for many years, first doing so for conditioning, as she was a varsity soccer player, and then later just for fitness and enjoyment.  It was not until she moved to Virginia to attend graduate school in 2003 that she started “racing.”  It was also during graduate school that a friend convinced her to join a local Master’s swim group in Newport News.  Never having been classically trained in swimming, this was quite intimidating, however, the coach and other members (a few of which are YTC members today!) were very welcoming and supportive of this newbie.  She had been biking for recreation since she was a child and when some folks approached her about trying triathlon, she gave it a go.  Her first race was Breezy Point and, although she didn’t love swimming in open water, she really enjoyed the event overall.

Jessica is a full-time scientist, wife and mother of 2 who is getting back into racing after taking a few years off to start a family.  She has really enjoyed the comradery of the club and has been involved in various ways since its inception in 2016.

Lynn Hopkins, Treasurer

Lynn Hopkins, the Yorktown Triathlon Club’s Treasurer, is a government auditor who

began participating in triathlons at the age of 50.  At the encouragement of a close friend, she

reluctantly transitioned from only exercising in group classes at local YMCA’s to training for

triathlons. Even though she was hesitant to begin preparing for her first triathlon, she has

discovered that training for a triathlon is just as fun and rewarding as participating in the

actual event. Not to mention it has improved her overall health and fitness. Ms. Hopkins’ joined

the Yorktown Triathlon Club in hopes of finding organized training activities, gaining knowledge

from experienced triathletes, and helping others that are new to the sport. She looks forward to

the club continuing in the Hampton Roads area for many years to come.

Amber Callahan, Secretary

Amber has been an avid runner much of her life but is new to the triathlon world.  Like many, Amber was inspired after being a spectator at a few triathlons and decided to finally take the plunge. The Tidewater Spring in July of 2017 was her first race and she was hooked. Amber then set her sights on and participated in the North Carolina 70.3 in October 2017. Amber joined the Yorktown Tri Club to gain knowledge and meet others who share her new found interest and it has been a fantastic experience.

TBD, Race Coordinator


Connie Maxwell – Training Coordinator

Connie brings an extraordinary amount of racing experience to her position as training

coordinator for our Club. She has been participating in the sport of triathlon since 1984 (before

transition areas and when finish times were calculated by hand at a picnic table with a

stopwatch, pencil and paper)! She has participated in four World Championships including

Hawaii Ironman (95); ITU Long Course (00, 02, 09), Age Group All American several years, plus

Half Ironman, Olympic and Sprint distance Races all over the country.

When Connie was not racing, she taught middle school until retirement and now works in a

family owned bike shop (Village Bicycles). In addition to all of this knowledge, Connie loves to

race, train, and set goals to work toward. What more can a Club ask for in a training