Membership Overview

Yorktown Triathlon Club 2018 Annual Membership

Joining is easy so relax

  1. You will need to fill out the membership form.
    1. You can print the form here and mail it to Yorktown Triathlon Club, 9913 Warwick Blvd,Newport News VA, 23601 or email it to
  2. Sign the waiver and send it in with #1 above (scan or take a pic with your signature if emailing).  If you’re filling out the form online, submitting is equivalent.
  3. 3- Pay the membership fee of $25.00-Individual or Individual Associate (not included on USAT roster); $10.00-Youth Membership; or $50.00-for the whole Family.
  4. Membership runs for the calendar year.

If you have any questions or need assistance then please contact us at at which
point a hardworking, fellow Triathlete will look into it as soon as possible!