Supported Races


Each year the Club will select a number of Supported Races based on participation. The Club tent, coffee, snacks, and camaraderie will be provided to our club members at the race venue.

We are looking for race coordinators for each race – members who will bring good mojo to the event and support our members who are racing. With the help of the Club Race Director and other board members, duties of the race leaders include:

  • Ensure the club tent, a table, emergency supply box, and camp chairs make it to the race venue and back
  • Hang the Club Banner
  • Set out club information and sponsor information (all included in Club Bag)
  • Make sure there are beverages and snacks at the club tent (budget provided)
  • Take Pictures!! And wear Club T-Shirt!!

The Club Race Directors (who you call / ask / volunteer to) are: Katherine Partington

If you are interested in being a race coordinator for an event, please contact a Club Race Director above. It works best when we have at least 2 people supporting each event and more is better. If you have a (L) next to your name in the Race Coordinator block below then you are picking up the tent/box etc.

      Smithfield Sprint 4/7
      Jamestown Sprint/Olympic 6/9
      Rev 3 Half/Olympic 7/7-7/8
      Tidewater Sprint 7/21
      Patriots Olympic/Half 9/18
       Giant Acorn Olympic/Sprint 9/22-23 (tentative)



Current Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.